PDL Club

Revolutionizing cycling through peer-to-peer bike rentals.

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UI Design
User Experience
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Cristen Arauz
Co-Founder & Creative Director

About The Project

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User Experience, Mobile App Design, Landing Page Web Design

The Objective

PDL Club set out to transform the cycling experience by creating the first peer-to-peer performance bike rental marketplace, fostering connections and knowledge-sharing within the cycling community.

The journey began with a collaborative effort involving PDL Club's founders and a dedicated UX designer. Together, we defined key features for the app's initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launch. This collaborative process set the foundation for subsequent phases, including the definition and design of additional user stories and flows, the high-fidelity prototype of the app interface, and ultimately facilitating a seamless hand-off to the development team for implementation.

The Solution

Key Features for Renters

A robust search functionality allows users to easily find bikes based on location, dates, and specific bike types and measurements. The app caters to diverse use cases, accommodating travelers seeking bikes or cyclists looking to test ride specific models.

Landing, search, and listing results.

Comprehensive Bike Listings

The app's listing feature ensures a comprehensive view for users. Users can browse through image galleries, detailed bike parts and descriptions, host information, reviews, and availability, making it easy to book rentals and communicate with hosts.

Detailed bike listings.

Empowering Hosts

PDL Club provides an intuitive interface for effortless bike listing. Hosts can upload and share comprehensive bike details, accompanied by a review of rental and income history, offering valuable insights with breakdowns per bike. This transparency empowers hosts to optimize their listings for increased engagement and revenue.

Listing management for hosts.

Facilitating Communication

PDL Club recognizes the importance of ease of communication between hosts and renters arranging an exchange. The app features a robust messaging system and user profiles with reviews to build trust between users and the community.

Messaging interface and user profiles.

Community Engagement

PDL Club extends its reach beyond rentals, focusing on community engagement. By partnering with the local cycling community, the app organizes events and tutorials. These initiatives not only foster a sense of belonging but also provide valuable resources such as videos and articles to address any bike issues that may arise during rentals.

Community events and educational content.

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