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Elevating the Broadcast Shopify theme through strategic design optimization.

Product Design
User Experience
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Cristen Arauz
Co-Founder & Creative Director

About The Project

My Role
Product Design, User Experience

The Objective

As Product Designer at Invisible Themes, my primary responsibility revolves around the continual development and enhancement of the Shopify themes within the catalog. The goal for the themes is to maintain a leading position in the competitive Shopify marketplace. My role demands a balance between pushing themes forward with innovative and flexible design layouts and ensuring seamless usability for merchants during website setup through easy-to-understand theme and section settings.

The Approach

When refining the design of Broadcast, I draw inspiration from successful websites in industries such as jewelry and accessories, clothing, health, and beauty. Listening to valuable merchant feedback also guides decision-making and feature prioritization.

The Solution

Foundational Consistency

I started my updates to Broadcast with a comprehensive audit of the design to identify opportunities for change with the potential to improve Broadcast's position in the marketplace. The first step involved revisiting and refining foundational design elements such as grid structure, typography, buttons, and spacing. This process resulted in a consistent and visually appealing enhancement of the overall aesthetic.

Refined grid with consistent spacing in column margins and page borders through every section in the theme.

New Interactive Sections and Layouts

While adding new sections and features, prioritizing ease of use for merchants is a top priority. While providing flexibility for creative freedom, the layouts are designed to avoid overwhelming settings in the theme editor that could create friction during the setup process.

The Shop The Look section on desktop, in the Clean demo.

The Shop The Look section on mobile, in the Clean demo.

Settings that create a simple setup for merchants.

The Featured Product section on desktop, set to vertical scroll, in the Clean demo.

The Featured Product section on mobile, in the Clean demo.

The Collection List Hover section on desktop, in the Clean demo.

The Collection List Hover section on mobile, in the Clean demo.

The Timeline section on desktop, in the Bright demo.

Designing For Impact

The impact of these design interventions has reflected in the popularity rankings of the Broadcast theme. Along with the combined efforts of the rest of the team, by the end of 2023, Broadcast ascended from approximately the 13th position to an impressive 5th position, showcasing the theme's improved quality and positive reception among Shopify merchants.

I am excited to continue pushing the themes forward and ensuring that Invisible Themes remains a leader in delivering top-notch Shopify themes to valued merchants.

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