Modernizing and restructuring a prominent financial resource.

Web Design
Wordpress Development
Design System
written By
Cristen Arauz
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Igor Bencheci
Co-Founder & Engineering Lead

About The Project

Our Role

Website Design, Wordpress Development, Design System Creation and Implementation

The Challenge, a prominent resource for Canadians facing debt challenges, undertook a critical initiative to enhance its web presence through a comprehensive redesign.

The primary challenges revolved around the outdated interface, less than ideal page performance, and lack of SEO optimization. Duplicate content across many pages created confusion and disrupted the site's flow. Some sections and features were visibly neglected, undermining the credibility of the platform. before the redesign.

The Objective

The objective was clear: to revamp's web presence, positioning it as a modern, user-friendly, and reliable resource for Canadians seeking custom debt solutions.

To achieve these objectives, the redesign focused on several key priorities:

  • Implementing a modern interface
  • Increasing user conversions through improved usability
  • Establishing clear calls to action
  • Developing a scalable design system that could be easily maintained by the team

The Solution

A Modern UI And Intuitive Navigation

The new design incorporated modern aesthetics, intuitive navigation, and responsive elements to adapt seamlessly across various devices. Typography, layout, and color schemes were modernized to align with contemporary design standards. Redundant content was streamlined, eliminating confusion and creating a more logical site flow. The neglected sections underwent a thorough overhaul, aligning them with the overall design language.

The new home page.
Streamlined site navigation of internal pages.

Landing Page Optimization

The redesign also focused on city-centric landing pages, optimized for performance and SEO campaigns targeting specific Canadian cities. This approach aimed to enhance local relevance and cater to diverse user needs by location.

Landing page for targeted SEO campaigns.

Prioritize Mobile

The redesign was also meticulously optimized for mobile, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience across various screen sizes.

A fully responsive mobile design.

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